Teach Appreciation Day!

Make sure to thank all those who have shaped you into the person that you are whether they be your Academic Teachers, Sport Coaches, Parents, and other family members. Be grateful for all the lessons, influence, and memories that have gotten you to where you are today.

BJJ Gi Review

MY REVIEW OF THE ELITE SPORTS ULTRA LIGHT PRESHRUNK GREEN ADULT BJJ GI Check out my video review: Here’s the company and product links:

At Home Activity Sheets

FUN AT HOME ACTIVITY FOR KIDS Here’s a little something to keep the kids busy.  Disconnect them from their phone or tablets and either get them moving or give them things to do like these awesome coloring sheets.  Ask them to color it and tell you what the picture is about.  Give them a lot […]

At Home Training Challenge

KICK THIS VIRUS OUT!!! Keep your kids engaged, motivated, and safe! DOWNLOAD THE CHALLENGE SHEET HERE! WTMA Weekly-Home-Training-Challenge Go to our Members and Students page on FaceBook to see the Lesson Plan and Video

Protect Your Heart

PROTECT YOUR HEART WITH MARTIAL ARTS Valentine’s Day is right around the corner February is all about the heart. Every year, the American Heart Association celebrates Heart Month to raise awareness about heart disease and heart health. What you may not know is that martial arts are great for the heart. In fact, the cardiac benefits of […]




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