The FAST Track Way To Skyrocket Your Martial Arts School Business Growth

The Ridiculously Fast Way to Grow a School

Ignite is the ultimate add-on for Spark. It unlocks features, content, coaching, and more all designed for one thing: unstoppable rapid growth. See how schools are using Spark Ignite to literally double their school during the pandemic.

“Our revenue went from $30k/mo to $80k/mo… during COVID. Thanks to Ignite.” 

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The Follow Up Machine

9+ layers of automated follow up to convert leads into appointments… appointments into trials… trials into members… and members into reviews & referrals. 

Ignite also follows up with your no shows to get them to re-schedule. It takes away ALL of the ‘pain in the butt’ follow up that you and your team dread.

Plus: Bonus follow up sequences for Birthdays, Referrals, Reviews, and more. 

Over 100 high quality leads generated monthly and growing.
Integrated Combat Centre
Multiple locations, Australia

Free: Ignite Pro Website. ($399/mo value)

“Free” used to be a dirty word. Not any more. This thing is a powerhouse, and worth more than the price of Ignite itself. So why is it free? Because we want to stack the deck in your favor and help you grow. And a powerful website is key for that.

“January 2020 — BEFORE covid — I got 20 leads from my previous (expensive) website. January 2021, I got 137 leads from my Ignite Pro Website. The difference is clear.” – Grandmaster Cheong Park

“I was ranking well before my Ignite website, but now… I dominate my local area!  Thank you Ignite!”

Conversions from trial to paying student topping 70% month over month
AmeriKick Kansas
Kansas, USA

We’ve Got You Covered for Digital Marketing!

Facebook Ads so good they should be illegal.

“I never got Facebook to work before this” is something we hear all the time. Our Ignite ads are written by true pros with millions of dollars of experience in running Facebook ads. Simply put: they work.

Monthly email + SMS campaigns that convert leads into trials. 

Your database is a gold mine.  Don’t let it go to waste!

Copy, paste, deploy, convert. It’s that simple. 

Paid subscriptions continuing to grow month over month.
5.0 Evolved Martial Arts
California, USA

That's not all...


From Facebook Campaigns to Automated Birthday Invites, Ignite Contains Everything your School could Need to Grow.



Ignite Pro Free Website

We will set up your high converting, high-ranking website.  PLUS… it’s so easy to edit.. even beginners can.



COVID-19 Response Kit

This copy & paste Email, SMS & Facebook kit that teaches you everything you need to thrive during these difficult times.



Monthly Marketing Packs

Plug & Play monthly marketing campaigns to start generating leads to your school.



Create & trigger automations to notify anyone based on new lead, birthdays and more.  With amazing open rates to truly have your dominate your area.


Email and SMS Campaigns

Easily customize your branding and design inspired with our 80% done for you pages.


Facebook Campaigns

Learn how to put together engaging lead generation campaigns for your school.  Artwork, written captions – All Done For you!

Ready to Scale your School? Check Out The Demo Here.

See just how powerful Spark Ignite is for yourself.  We will take you through the backend, and answer all your questions.  Book in Now!


Ignite works for all different styles of schools...


Ignite is an All-in-one Software that Never Stops Working for you to Generate, Close and Retain Members to your School.

Copywriting for all of the emails are crafted by the most successful, professional martial arts copywriters, all you have to do is select what one you’d like!


Automated Reminder Emails and SMS to Maximize your Show-up and Engagement Rates.

If someone opts-in to your website, but does NOT purchase a trial… Ignite gets to work.

First — we automatically send an email with a 24-hour promo code AND a text message telling them to check their email for a special discount that same day.

After that, if they still don’t buy, we send emails and texts featuring your REAL testimonials, photos of classes in action, flash sales, and more, over the coming days and weeks.

The result: More paid trials, without lifting a finger.

Automated Appointment Scheduling to Systemize your Class Bookings.

Once someone has taken you up on your offer that you created with our landing page software, they can then proceed to schedule in the appointment to secure their place. All of this is done automatically for you.

You will simply receive a notification to your email account notifying you of a new lead, their information and when you can expect them (like magic).

The result: A smooth, automated process for booking leads.


The Intelligent Attendance Booster Email and Sms Campaign.

We all know getting students to show 2-3x per week is ideal. Any less, they’re at risk of cancelling. Well, every time your students attend 2+ classes in a week, Ignite pours on the love with text messages that appreciate & reward that behavior.

The result: More attendance, more often.

Ignite Members Speak Out

Is Ignite right for you?

Let’s find out. Check out the demo, or hop on a quick friendly chat so we can learn more about you and your school and see if Ignite is what you need. It’s not for everyone, and if it’s not for you, we’ll let you know.



Frequently Asked Questions.


Yes! We are giving a special offer in light of Covid-19 to help businesses to get their presence online and do it properly with our high converting websites.

You can integrate your domain into Ignite so they’re connected together (we have a step-by-step showing you how!)

Indeed! You can customize everything on your website including text, images, effects and much more!

Yes you can. We’ve put together a proven structure that has simply been replicated from the years of hard work understanding what your audience want to hear, although, you have the opportunity to customize the messages so they fit your business vibe.

Ignite comes with:

  • Ignite Pro Website
  • Corona Virus Rescue Kit
  • Automations
  • Email & SMS Campaigns
  • Facebook Campaigns
  • Landing Pages
  • Checkout Pages
  • RSVP Birthday Machine
  • Design Vault (massive library)
  • Weekly Coaching Webinars

We don’t, although, we provide guides and example advertising campaigns inside of our membership portal to show you exactly what you need to do to launch your own advertising campaigns.

However, you will have killer ads written for you – for you to crush your own ads campaigns or give to your facebook ads team!

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Get started today on the ultimate martial arts school management software!

Join over 900 schools using Ignite to drive revenue while providing an unbeatable experience for their students

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